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Latest Addition - MIG-21 preflight and flyby. Plus some other unexpected visitors. See IMAGES index.

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Special Aviation Events - including Museums and Radio Control

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Let me know if you want some nice images of your aircraft and we can arrange for a planning session. Ground based or air-to-air we can discuss what will work best for you.

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As I find the time my collection of images will be made available. Visit the images page for some of my favorite shots and contact me to for purchase a specific image or commission a project.

Worth Viewing

A great movie named OneSixRight about the "Romance of Aviation" and the history of the Van Nuys Airport is worth seeing. Shot in High Definition it is a beautiful tribute to aviation and the airport. for details on the movie and merchandise.





What is CAVU?  CAVU is an aviation term that means Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited. In my private pilot lessons I did not come across this term but it was commonly used in WWII and I first came across it in a book about flying "The Hump", or the China to Burma air route to resupply troups.


B-17 Flight

I am a member of the EAA, Experimental Aircraft Association and they sponsor a unique opportunity to fly in a World War II B-17. This is an amazing experience, flying in such an important part of our WWII history. See the images in the gallery.